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Fastest VPN WiFi router for privacy protection and global content unlocking.

What is VPN?


Simply, a virtual private network (VPN) creates a safe and encrypted connection over your existing internet connection. VPNs are widely used by institutions to protect themselves from cyber-criminals, hackers, and other malicious entities. 
For individuals, it provides the same level of protection but can unlock a range of functions not previously available.
For example, Fastest VPN Router will legally unlock Netflix and other video streaming content libraries, giving you more choice.

5 Reasons to Get Fastest VPN Router

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    Protects everything

    Our Fastest VPN Router protects all your devices when connected & Provides a shield for even those devices which do not have a dedicated app to run such as PlayStation, Kodi, Roku, Xbox and more. If they are connected to the Wi-Fi, be assured that they are well-protected

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    Get Better Security

    With Fastest VPN Router, enhance security on your internet network. Not just the devices that have the VPN app, but all others too that have internet accessibility. Free yourself from the worry of forgetting to connect to a VPN server because you always have security from scratch!

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    Easy Setup

    With our amazing User Interface all you need to do is connect our Fastest VPN Router to your existing ISP Router/Modem/Hub and login, choose server and connect. Simple as that.

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    Use more devices

    Now protect each device connected to the Fastest VPN Router. No more hassle of downloading separate apps on separate devices. Secure all your devices just by connecting it to Fastest VPN Router & avoid all the hassle.

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    Defeat censorship

    Fastest VPN Router advanced VPN technology enables security, provides anonymity and allows you to defeat censorship on all your devices from anywhere in the world.

What You Get With Us

  • 100% No Log Policy

    We do not use or store your personal logs, IP addresses on the platform. So you’re very safe. 100% NON Logging Service.

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    Unblock the Internet

    You can operate from any part of the world due to its flexibility without the fear of location or region.

  • Fast and Reliable Connection

    Connect to our ultra-fast reliable locations with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited speeds.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    Give Fastest VPN Router a test drive. All plans are fully refundable, no questions asked.

  • Security First

    Ultra Secure protocols with our extensive list of worldwide ultra-modern servers, we can offer you a high-end VPN service.

  • Trusted Care

    Feel safe rest assured we do not keep any logs for any person or entity to match an IP address and a timestamp to a user of our service.

Unblock all your favorite content & secure all your devices with Fastest VPN Router


Why Choose Us?

High Speed Access

We have ultra-fast servers placed all over the world to offer our users great speeds anywhere anytime.You will barely see a drop in speed and will ever notice as we have amazing speeds.

Unblock Any Website

Regardless of your geographic, Fastest VPN Router provides you online freedom and anonymity as Your Internet traffic is never logged with Fastest VPN Router

Worldwide Locations

Access any content you like from all over the world. Be it Social Media, Netflix, IPTV, Sky, BT Sport, Dazn, Optus, Premier League, NFL, NHL, MLB or anything that is blocked.

Where are our servers located?

    United Kingdom
    United States

Ultra-Fast Worldwide Locations

Connect to our high-speed servers and get unlimited, anonymous access to geo-restricted content from anywhere.


Active Clients






TB Monthly Usage

VPN Routers from as low as £3.02 per month.

Cheapest and Best Solution For Unblocking any content, IPTV, Bypass ISP blocks and much more.


3 Simple Steps To Protect All Your Devices At Home With Fastest VPN Router


Pick a plan

Explore what we can offer and choose the service which meets your objectives

Make a payment

We guarantee the security of all payments. Choose the most suitable payment method.

Enjoy Fastest VPN Router

We will then process the order & send the router to your registered address.


  • Fastest Classic VPN Router

    £4.13for every 3 years

    Free Classic VPN Router worth £40
    Subscription Included
    2.4G Wireless Connection
    4 x 100 MBPS Ethernet Ports
    No Minimum Contract
    100% No Log Policy
    Plug & Play
    Next Day Worldwide Shipping

  • Fastest Pro VPN Router

    £3.30for every 3 years

    Free Pro VPN Router worth £60
    Subscription Included
    2.4G & 5.8G Wireless Connection
    4 x 1 GBPS Ethernet Ports
    No Minimum Contract
    100% No Log Policy
    Plug & Play
    Next Day Worldwide Shipping

What do our customers say about us?

Helen Brown

Fastest VPN Router is the first solution that makes VPN usable for an average user like me. The possibility to combine different VPN providers and the ability to use bypass rules for those sites where you don't want to use it, all in a graphical interface that is easy to understand yet powerful.

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